Area Design: Tags
Tag Area
01_ds_tribe_ex Tribal Village
02_ds_yubi_ex Yubi Desert
03_ds_yubi_f1 Yubi Desert Cavern
04_ci_imura_ex Imura
05_ci_sett_ex Kholnyon Square
06_ks_tavern_f1 Settlement Inn
07_ci_acad_ex Academy Exterior
08_ci_acad_f1 Mirrorlight Academy, Ground Floor
09_ks_mghouse_f1 Mirror Guy's House/Comm Post Int
10_im_mirror_ex Mirrorscape: Raven Hills
11_lc_tunnel_ex Tunnel
12_lc_lscamp_f1 Forsaken Camp
13_sc_scamp_ex Citadel of the Seekers
14_sc_scamp_f1 Seeker Camp Int
15_cg_rcamp_ex Rended Soul Camp
16_lc_lcamp2_f1 New Forsaken Camp
17_hw_comm_ex Communications Post, Exterior
18_hw_void_ex Void Maelstrom
19_hw_highway_ex Highway
20_hw_highway2_ex Highway 2
21_ds_tribe_f1 Tribe Interior
22_ds_yubi_f2 Yubi Desert Cavern
23_ks_chief_in Chief's Hut
24_ci_acad_f2 Mirrorlight Academy, 2nd Floor
25_ci_acad_b1 Mirrorlight Academy, Basement
26_sr_spiritrealm_ex Spirit Realm
27_hw_comm_f1 Communications Post, Interior
50_ds_temple_f1 Yubi Desert - Abandoned Temple
51_hw_ruins_f1 Highway - Ruins
52_hw_hag_b1 Highway - Black Moss Cavern
53_hw_jcave_b1 Highway - Jungle Cavern
54_hw_jcave_b2 Highway - Jungle Cavern
55_hw_jcave_b3 Highway - Jungle Cavern Ruins
56_hw_gyard_ex Highway - Graveyard
57_hw_dcave_ex Highway - Fungus Dragon Cavern
58_hw_dcave2_ex Highway - Fungus Dragon Cavern
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