Blueprint Naming Conventions

The following naming conventions are for blueprints of all types. Note that the tag, resref, and template are all the same on every blueprint.


Prefix sd

This appears on all blueprints. It is used to sort by tag.

Identifier I

This is used to identify the type of blueprint:

Type Identifier
Creature n
Door d
Store s
Placeable p
Trigger t
Encounter e
Item i
Waypoint w
Light l
Visual Effect v
Companion c

Name xxxx

This is a text description of the object used to identify at a glance what the blueprint is.

Numeric Identifier NN

This is an optional numeric identifier. It is used to differentiate between objects of the same type. For instance, a creature set of "bandits" would be numbered, as would a set of short swords. however, a single building would not need this identifier.


A creature named "Jim" is created, and there are is already two "Jim"'s. So we would name them all as follows:


Later a creature named "Jack" is created, the one and only leader of the "Jim"'s.



All blueprints regardless of type will fall under the classification " SD" (note the space). Subcategories can be created below that category.

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