The Entity

"During the first hundred years of imprisonment, I swore that if anyone would deliver me before the hundred years expired, I would make him rich beyond his dream, but that century ran out, and nobody did me that good office. During the second, I made an oath that I would open all the treasures of the earth to anyone that should set me at liberty, but with no better success. In the third, I promised to make my deliverer a potent monarch, to be always near him in spirit, and to grant him every day three requests, of whatsoever nature they might be, but this century ran out, as well as the two former, and I continued in prison. At last, being angry at finding myself a prisoner so long, I swore that if afterwards anyone should deliver me, I would kill him without mercy and grant him no other favor but to choose what kind of death he would die…"
— "The Fisherman and the Genie" from A Thousand and One Nights


The Entity was initially created out of the evil qualities of those who gazed upon the mirror at the academy. The evil part of people's souls, as it were, was not destroyed but was absorbed into the mirror. As more evil was filtered away and absorbed, this evil acquired a collective consciousness and eventually became powerful enough to escape its prison.

The Entity is an insatiably hungry creature that feeds on the minds of its victims, leaving behind a twisted, murderous husk that can no longer be described as human. When the Entity first escaped, it sneaked upon and preyed on several unsuspecting wizards at the academy, thereby acquiring the knowledge and power of its victims. It used its newly acquired abilities to reprogram the central hub that controls the teleportation mirrors throughout the city. These mirrors became channels that siphoned off the minds of those who would use these portals, effectively becoming extensions of the Entity itself. Within minutes, the Entity's intelligence grew sufficiently to tap into the central hubs of other cities throughout the world to feed its hunger.

All the nations of the Earth became drenched in a bloodbath unlike anything the world had seen. The victims of the Entity were like bestial monsters that were filled with murderous rage. In less than two hours, the world population dwindled to less than a hundredth of its peak.

In that span of time, the surviving wizards at the academy realized what had happened and devised a plan to avert further destruction. Together, they confronted the Entity and used their magic to trap and seal it in the mirror by closing off all nodes on the network. None of the wizards survived the encounter in body, however, and knowledge of the Entity died with them as they became trapped in the mirror with it and the others who were consumed.

With nothing to feed on but the incessant babbling of its own collective consciousness, the Entity is plunging into ever deeper levels of madness. Its intelligence is undiminished, however, and it continues to plan its escape by reactivating the necesssary nodes and what it intends to do once it is free.

"Put your hand to the right side of your face and see the finger tips. Now close your right eye. Do you see? You cannot see your finger tips any longer, can you? Now put that hand behind your head, and you'll never see those fingers. But we can, through this third eye. This is what it is like see what the entity sees. Now imagine you have that third eye open, and you see a glass of water and are desperately thirsty. But your hand will not obey you to grasp the glass and drink. This is what it is like to be a part of that entity. Now imagine that glass of water is your son, and instead of bringing him to you, you begin to choke him. Maybe you would close that eye. But maybe you would open it for just a glance…"
— The Wizard

The Souls of the Entity

Each person consumed by the entity is stuck inside the mirror. Because the inside of the mirror is, in a sense, a twisted replica of the world outside, the souls of all of those remain trapped, many of which had remained for thousands of years. The entity is comprised of these souls, some vying for control over the entity as a whole. It seems to do what most agree with doing at all times, and because of the circumstance surrounding its creation, that action is often seeking out more to add to the collective in attempts to make itself whole or lashing out at something around it in fits of rage.

Most individuals inside of the mirror that comprise the entity hadn't, at one point, lost complete touch with reality. They were aware of what they were doing, but like any mob the individual was often drown out by the collective. For instance, at the taste of freedom, most hungered for revenge against those that had imprisoned it, and lashed out at those beyond the mirror to take their revenge. But, some of those touched by the entity were friends and relatives, loved ones to someone that was a part of the entity collective. But those targetted were loved by only a few and despised by many simply for being outside of the mirror, so each of the collective, in turn, watched as the rest ravaged all it cared about as they screamed for an end. The effect only snowballed as those who witnessed the wanton destruction of all they knew sought to impose it on others, perhaps out of revenge, grief, or rage. As the mob grew more intense, the entity grew more destructive. Soon, no one had control.

Finally, it was imprisoned, and over time the rage and grief subsided.

However, like any other governing body, a single being could take charge and control the entity if enough of the others are dominated to its will. Several of the souls inside of the mirror have been seeking out ways to do this since they've been added, fractioning the group of souls into factions working together under a leader for control, and often fighting one another. Most who try have little to no chance of any success and are often driven mad by the constant chaos of being a part of thousands of others, however a few strong of will and dedication have a chance at success.

Entity Creation

When a few of the rended souls get near each other, nothing happens, so they may travel in small groups. However, the larger the group, the greater the chance that they will merge with one another and form an entity. The first time this happened is the original entity; the entity often seeks these smaller ones out to combine them with itself as they are slower, larger, often confused, and easy prey. However, like individual rended souls, some escape it, and some were created by the Seekers for their own experimentation and use.

Why the Entity Feeds

Created out of the evil that has been cast out like demons from men possessed, the Entity is confused and angry. Why has it been abandoned like an unwanted child by its parents? Whence come its feelings of aggression and rage? If it was once part of many human souls, what does it mean to be complete?

The Entity hungers for the minds of humans, hoping to find peace, self-acceptance, and a feeling of completeness. No matter how many minds it consumes, however, no answers are ever forthcoming. Enraged, it seeks to consume all the minds it can grab until it eventually knows peace.

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