Like silver dross on an earthen vessel are the lips of a fervent one with an evil heart.
— Proverbs 26:23

One of the most brilliant wizards at the academy was a young and daring man who often pondered on why the world never lacked for conflicts. Whether they be the petty quarrels of children or wars that destroyed many lives at the whims of their rulers, conflicts were always present in relationships. The wizard hypothesized that what drove all conflicts was the evil that was in the hearts of humans. If this evil could be skimmed off like so much dross, conflicts throughout the world would cease, and this would be the dawn of a golden age.

The wizard labored hard until he eventually invented his great work, a mirror that could filter away all the evil from whoever gazes upon it, leaving behind only kindness in the viewer's soul. Little did he realize that this invention would eventually bring about the apocalypse as well as his own demise.

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