Mister Grin (Rended Soul Companion)

Mister Grin is a special rended soul created by one of the Seekers who was experimenting with how rended souls merge with each other to form into a new being with different abilities. When the PCs first encounter him, Mister Grin is a captive at the Seeker's laboratory. The PCs may opt to free Mister Grin from his twisted and cruel captor and compel Mister Grin to help them.

When dealing with the PC's party, Mister Grin will pretend to be a simple rended soul and will take pains to hide his true nature. When dealing with those who do not know that he is a rended soul, Mister Grin will pass himself off as a half-elf with a tiny bit of orcish blood in his ancestry. Unlike most rended souls, Mister Grin can communicate eloquently with people of the civilized races. His skills at persuading, intimidating, or taunting people are highly enhanced, thanks to his secret ability to exude chemicals from his body, including pheromones. Mister Grin does not talk the way normal people do. Like all rended souls, Mister Grin is incapable of speech, but he can communicate telepathically in such a manner that people are convinced that he is actually speaking.

When fighting at the PCs' side, Mister Grin may wield daggers in each hand, or he may fight unarmed. He will also exude a pheromone that effectively grants him an Aura of Fear.

If Mister Grin ever betrays the PCs, he will reveal himself to have an extra pair of arms at the waist and an extra head where his belly should be. He attacks unarmed or with daggers in all four hands, and he can spew chemical attacks from the extra mouth in his belly. Whether he turns traitor will largely depend on how well the PC treats him and whether the PC allows him to feast on some hapless minds.

Areas Where Active

Starting Area: Citadel of the Seekers or Arcane Laboratory (?) Note: Need to clarify the exact area
Other Areas: None

If the PC succeeds in getting Mister Grin to join their party, Mister Grin will henceforth be an optional companion and may be involved in any area wherein he is a member of the PC's party.

Plot Points Where Active

If the PC succeeds in getting Mister Grin to join their party, Mister Grin will henceforth be an optional companion and may be involved in any plot point wherein he is a member of the PC's party.

Associated Quests


The following write-up was originally from a separate wiki page on the Rended Soul Leader. Because it seems that the Rended Soul Leader is intended to be an optional companion, I have redirected the associated page to this page. I have copied the previous write-up on the Rended Soul Leader below in case there is a need to merge it with the above description. — Frank


This Rended Soul, as much of a leader as one can be for such a vicious and chaotic group, is considered as such because it is relatively unique among it's peers. It's a bit more organized, and fiendisly intelligent. It, like the others, is still vicious and bestial, however it approaches it's goals in an almost formulaic way, using wits and charms when it thinks those will prevail, or stealth and subterfuge.

Most new people he meets are treated with respect and a pseudo-kindness. As if a person who is incapable of seeing red would describe red, this creature attempts to be kind without ever realizing what it is it is supposed to do. Of course, this is all a charade, as it enjoys thinking others have a completely wrong impression of what it is and what it wants. In that regard, it is probably worse than any of the other rended souls in the mirror, for they will mindlessly slaughter those they come across, this one wants to defeat you mentally before consuming you, as the added misery and dejection add to the enjoyment of the meal.

Basically, it will try and talk you out of the dagger at your hip to cut the ties that bind you, only to stab you in the face with it.

Of course, the reality of this creature is it's not a single rended soul but the beginnings of a new entity in formation; when too many rended souls get too close, they'll combine into an entity. This one's formation was no different, however the souls that make it up tend to agree more often than not giving it a much more advanced intellect and power without the risk of ensuing chaos from a hivemind.

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