Zachary Wick aka dirtywick - Project Manager

email: moc.loa|kciwytridlo#moc.loa|kciwytridlo
skype: zachary.wick

Josh Mellen aka Anduraga - Area Design Manager

email: moc.loa|nellemmj#moc.loa|nellemmj
skype: anduraga

Frank Perez aka Elysius - Art Asset Manager

email: moc.oohay|zerep_s_knarf#moc.oohay|zerep_s_knarf
skype: frank.s.perez

Ron Sasala - Scripting/Programming Manager

email: ten.ygidorp|noreeR#ten.ygidorp|noreeR
skype: ron.sasala

Hannah Wick - 2D Art

email: moc.oohay|kciweamhannah#moc.oohay|kciweamhannah
skype: hannahmaewick

Ben Coffee aka SCARLETTHORNE - Writing

email: ten.retrahc|nalceeffoc#ten.retrahc|nalceeffoc
skype: blackestoftheblack

Jim Solander aka Indira Lightfoot - Area Design

email: moc.ailet|07symmij#moc.ailet|07symmij
skype: jim.solander

Derek Halm aka Chaos Wielder - Area Design

email: moc.liamg|2nwntergahs#moc.liamg|2nwntergahs
skype: chaos.wielder

Jeff Carter aka Orion1966 - Scripting

email: moc.yawwow|bennoiro#moc.yawwow|bennoiro
skype: orionneb

Mike aka telanor - Scripting

email: moc.liamg|ronalet#moc.liamg|ronalet
Skype: telanor2

Nytir aka nyt333 - Modelling

email: moc.liamg|333tyn#moc.liamg|333tyn
skype: nyt_333

Enric aka palafoxx - Modelling

email: moc.liamg|60xxofalap#moc.liamg|60xxofalap

Jason White aka Jaesun - Music

email: ten.tsacmoc|90etihwrj#ten.tsacmoc|90etihwrj

Henry Solberg aka milkshakeiii

email: moc.liamg|iiiekahsklim#moc.liamg|iiiekahsklim
skype: henry.j.solberg

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