The Seekers are a group of mostly wizards, but some others who worked in the academy before the apocalypse. When the entity was loosed upon the world, most died, but some, using their knowledge of the network and how the mirrors work, from all over the world fled into the mirrors to escape it. Many were subsequently caught, or intercepted as the entity has control over the network at the time, but some lived and escaped. Their work not forgotten and faced with what they quickly realized would be a very long imprisonment, since been living inside the mirror, evading the entity and exploring the void, and the network itself. Those who were not interested were used in some experimentation, and not long after realizing this the few that were left joined with the Forsaken.

Since arrival in the mirror, they have been doing some experiments with ways to control the entity. They have discovered how the entity was created, and have tried to some lesser success to recreate some smaller entities and have exerted some moderate control over them.

The Seekers themselves can best be described generally as having the attitude that they are scientists and the rest of the world and all life in it is there for their experimentation. As such, they care little for whether anyone but their own are killed or in danger, if they can learn something by observation of the death they will watch instead of intervening.

The Seekers refer to anyone not associated with their group as a "newcomer". They generally regard anyone that has not proven themselves with vague disdain, as tney feel such individuals do not have anything they could contribute to the Seeker's pool of knowledge.

There are competing individuals within the Seekers, each vying for support for their own ideas. Given the limited resources, Tatiana helps to decide where precious resources will be assigned, leaving others to either abandon their research into survival methods or simply to have to do things on their own, which is undesirable as the Seekers are typically not good at surviving outside of the safe confines of their camp.

Some of the seekers are not above sabotaging the research of others, but only if they believe it will not harm the safety ot the camp as a whole. They are cautious in undertaking malicious meddling because they know they would not survive if they were to be found out and subsequently banished from the camp. However, this does not mean they are not above tasking the assistance of newcomers in their schemes, because the newcomer would be pinned with any blame.

The Seeker regard the "forsaken" with nonchalance. They are somewhat curious as to how they survive, but their contempt for the former subjects and other "non-learned" people means they consider the forsaken to be living in squalor and surviving only through luck and brute force, and not having any plans to survive for a long time, and certainly no means to escape the mirror world.


Learn more about the entity, network, and void
Create and control larger and more powerful entities to use to their own ends
Control the entity and use it to explore the void
Have access to the outside of the mirror while in control of the entity

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