The exiles are a group found in old Imura and have just begun exploring the academy. They are led by a warlock named Nahimara, who joined them not long ago and has begun a loose organization of the group. Before her arrival, they were independant but friendly with each other, generally, to survive.

Nahimara came to them from outside of the area and converted them all to her perverse worship of a false god, demanding human sacrifices, and when not available, animals. It wasn't long before they began to resort to enslavement by ambushing and capturing individuals or those in small numbers from the settlement and beyond. Of course, few know this, or the group would have been swiftly hunted down or driven from the city entirely. Because some are exiles, they generally avoid the settlement out of fear of reprisal, sticking to outlying areas in the city.

They have also been known to use the sewers to move about the city unseen. Most of the filth has dried long ago, so it's nothing more than a network of empty tunnels currently, but connected to much of the city.


Are we serious about implementing a sewer area? — Frank

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