The Forsaken

As the mirror network was used to transport objects, and later people, sometimes things never reached their destination. The Forsaken are those people who went in, and never returned. They've been inside for even longer than the entity has existed, wandering aimlessly, desperately trying to escape. However, even before the entity when the rended souls began to appear, some banded together and pooled their knowledge and resources for their own safety. They had grown quite adept at staying alive, and many managed to evade even the entity itself in their continued search for release. No one knows more about navigating this world than the Forsaken. Over time, some have realized their fate may be eternal and begun to seek out other means of escape or improvement of their situation and joined the Seekers, if they'd be taken into their ranks. Those that are not are used like tools for experiments and discarded.

The Forsaken say their name with a sense of resigned bitterness, for they consider themselves to be abandoned by fate and society. This fatalism is countered by an overriding determination to prove themselves capable of carving a destiny of their own despite all the hardships they have been given.

This determination has led to an growing ruthlessness in decision making in order for their survival. Those unable to "pull their weight" may be discarded for the overall safety of the group, though there is some allowance for individuals with specialised talents or knowledge. As a group, there is little to no infighting, for the Forsaken realise that survival is hard enough without making enemies inside their ranks. That is not to say there are no tensions, but these have to be discarded in the face of any difficulties.

The Forsaken regard the Seekers with mistrust, for they have been used by them previously in "experiments" in the real world and unwittingly here in the mirror world. They gladly welcome help, but will just as quickly discard it if they think they are going to be betrayed.

The Forsaken are migrants, constantly on the move running from both Seekers and rended souls, never trustful of either group. Inside, they move among their several camps.


-Escape the mirror

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