The Tribes

After the apocalypse that ravaged the land and the subsequent destruction caused by the unpredictable magic that plagued the world, the city turned the desert surrounding it into an absolute wasteland. However, there are those who manage an existance in the perils and hardship of the wasteland. These people are known as the Tribes.

The Tribes are a fractured people with many different ways of life. Some are nomads, some create small, stationary villages if they find a good site with a food source and water. Some are violent savages constantly warring with the other tribes they come across, others avoid fighting and become adept at running. For all, though, it is a hard place to live.

The elders of some tribes often speak of magic, and a great, cursed city in the desert where magic was born. Anything to make their lives easier, to conquor their enemies, or protect themselves is sought after. Over time the dangers of the city and it's link to the apocalypse were forgotten, and the tribes grow more bold in their searches.

The PC is from one of these tribes, on a mission to find something to help his people.

-Simple Suvival

Possible Mechanics

The tribe name, and other details, are determined by the PC race

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