Communications Post Interior

There is at least one mirror inside of this area capable of communication with the settlement. However, the mirror is in disrepair and needs to be fixed before it can be used.

This is the inner area of the Communications Post. This area is shared with the Mirror Guy's House for cutscene purposes. Parts of the Academy are also replicated here for the Mirror Guy puzzle.


The Comm Post was built by the Entity as part of its plan to communicate with the outside world. The Entity waited over a thousand years for someone to reactivate the central hub at the academy, which would allow the Entity to communicate with whoever was there. The Entity spent much of its time refining the technology that powers the Comm Post. When the PC finally activated the central hub, the Entity was ready.

The area surrounding the Comm Post has far more giant crystals than most other areas. This made it an ideal location for the Entity to build the Comm Post. The Entity attached two crystal mods to each giant crystal – a communications mod for transmitting and receiving visual and auditory information and an amplifier mod to boost the signals sufficiently to cross dimensions. Amplifier mods are not uncommon in the mirror world. In fact, the Seekers regularly produce them, and the Forsaken have scavenged a large supply of them. The communications mod, however, is a unique invention of the Entity. The Seekers never thought of inventing this kind of mod because they figured that no one would ever reactivate the central hub. They were wrong.

When the Entity left for the “real” world, the Rended Souls lost no time in claiming the area surrounding the Comm Post as their own. Fearing that the mods attached to the crystals might be inimical to them somehow, they destroyed nearly all of them. When it became obvious to them that the mods were completely harmless, only one was left intact. The Rended Souls transferred it to their home territory, where it occupies a prominent but well guarded place. The Rended Souls revere it as a symbol of the Entity, whom they fear above all.

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Communications Post Exterior

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There is a puzzle to activate the communications post. The pieces of the puzzle and information are spread throughout the mirror, this area is only the destination where the puzzle is finished.

The PC must then attach the communications mods (as well as a matching set of amplifier mods) to any three crystals in the Comm Post’s area. The PC must first clear the area of Rended Souls. They may do this with the help of special mods for attacking the Rended Souls. These creatures will attempt to destroy all mods that they see on crystals, however, so the PC will have to attach them strategically.
See Tower Defense
See Repairing the Comm Post

The Mirror guy dialogue puzzle takes place in this area.


This area is supposed to be shared with the mirror guy's house, but doing so may cause a problem if we decide to split the module into two. The module seems to be getting too big to load and save, so it may be better to split the module between the real world and the mirrorscape. Both modules will then be unified as part of the Shattered Dreams campaign. If we do this, however, we will have to make a separate area for the mirror guy's house, which will be part of the first module. This interior of the communications post will then have a copy of the mirror guy's house tucked somewhere that is inaccessible to the player except through a cutscene. — Frank

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