Mirrorscape: Raven Hills (Inside the Mirror)

The inner mirror is a world that is a representation of both the outside world and the entity's mind. In the beginning, a vast network of magical nature, as detailed here, was tapped into by the wizards of the academy for various purposes, and finally began to be modified more than it should have been using the mirror. It was from this world that undesirable qualities were stripped from people and pushed into this location, thought to have been disposed of. What they didn't know, however, was that these qualities weren't thrown away. Rather, they were detached from the very souls of those who gazed into the mirror and effectively trapped inside. The undesirable part of every soul cut asunder by the mirror remained, confused and enraged at being torn apart and locked away from its other half; what was rightfully a part of itself.

After much use, thousands of people, perhaps millions, were replaced by their stripped down selves, leaving an equal number of souls inside. Eventually these souls gathered together to form an entity, a reckless, dangerous, and powerful thing, a very real symbol of their combined emotions manifested, and unlike them inside, it was capable of leaving.

Of course, the entity, formed from the combination of these rended souls, was not formed by them all. With each soul absorbed, it gained knowledge and power, and spent some time hiding inside the mirror, consuming what it could and hunting down more to add to the collective. However, the clever, or quick, escaped it. They still linger about the mirror.

Additionally, when the early experiments with the mirror network were unsuccessful, objects of all types ended up lost in the void, including people. These Forsaken have been trapped since the networks early inception, unable to find their way out of the inside of the mirror. Those who the entity found were consumed, but many know the void network better than any of the collective ever would, and became experts and navigating, and evading both the entity and the rended souls.

Finally, when the entity escaped it's confines within the mirror network some of those who knew the inner workings of the mirror network fled into it to escape the events of the apocalypse. Of course, when the entity was finally sealed, they were with it. This group, the seekers, lives in the mirror, and has been evading the entity ever since using their knowledge of the mirror network. However, their interests are vastly different than the others who live with them.

Since time, and the needs for food and water, aren't really needed in this plane, some of these people have been stuck here for centuries. Their new source of energy and sustenance is the Light Gathering Crystals that litter the areas.

Visual Description

Area Type: Exterior: Desert Wasteland
Area Size: Small (12x12)

The general design of this area applies to all the Mirrorscape areas, excluding mountainous formations, canyons, specific caverns, etc.

For as far as the eye can discern, there is nothing but sand and rock, smoke billowing from any fissures in the rock.

  • All Mirrorscape exteriors will use the same Skybox ( fx_fugue_plane ), Mirror Shimmer VFX and DayNightSettings (Area Designers have some freedom to alter them somewhat, but in general they will remain the same).
  • Mirror Shimmer VFX will be applied to the areas to give the player that the light shifts ever so slightly. This VFX is similiar to that of the Akachi Battle VFX for Neutral Characters.
  • Area Design is reminiscent of a combination between the Fugue Plane from Mask of the Betrayer and SGK73's Wasteland Prefab with our own twist of course.
  • Most areas are devoid of civilization spare for the Seeker Encampment.
  • Sparse remnants of life previously existing: Skeletons, Dead Tree Husks, etc.

Area Layout Requirements:

  • Canyon towards the east leading toward the Void Maelstrom area.
  • Transition toward the north leading to the Highway 1 area.

Tag: 10_im_mirror_ex

Associated NPCs

Exile Companion
Leader of the Forsaken

Connected Areas

Void Maelstrom


An optional Tower Defense sequence in one of the endings.

Requested Custom Content

Crystals for Rest System


Here is a list of possible music files that have been composed for this area.

1. Sand, Smoke, Rock (Or: As Far as the Eye Can See)

2. Inside the Mirror



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