Spirit Realm

Used by the Shaman to confront and challenge the PC during the trials in the settlement

The PC must win over the inhabitants of the settlement, and also prove themselves to the tribal leaders. The Shaman, being xenophobic and conniving, ignores the PCs attempts to win her over, and instead looks to confront the PC in the Spirit Realm whilst they sleep - hoping to intimidate the PC.

The area need only be tiny (4x4) for cutscene purposes and perhaps a battle. It should reflect an area of which the PC could conceivably be dreaming - either the wastes or the city outskirts - somethign fairly open for cutscene purposes. The day/night settings need to be dream like - but there should be two key lighting settings. On entering the lighting should be peaceful and dreamlike, but when the Shaman interrupts and intrudes on the PCs dream, the lighting should change (through advancing the time e.g. 12 hours) to something much more hostile and threatening.

Tag: 26_sr_spiritrealm_ex

Connected Areas


Script requirements

  1. Area OnEnter - to set time so that peaceful lighting is used


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