Rended Soul Camp

One of the few intelligent Rended Souls is located here.

If the PC wishes to parley with other rended souls, the party should probably have some kind of protection from them and must find a way to convince the rended souls that they should talk instead of fight. The PC may bargain with them in exchange for information and/or power. For instance, the PC may offer a way for the rended souls to get easier access to food. The PC might even mean it. The whole objective of this parley is to try to get information from the rended souls that no other faction has.

Visual Description

Area Type: Exterior: Desert Wasteland
Area Size: Small: 8x8

The general design of this area applies to all the Mirrorscape areas, excluding mountainous formations, canyons, specific caverns, etc.

For as far as the eye can discern, there is nothing but sand and rock, smoke billowing from any fissures in the rock.

  • All Mirrorscape exteriors will use the same Skybox ( fx_fugue_plane ), Mirror Shimmer VFX and DayNightSettings (Area Designers have some freedom to alter them somewhat, but in general they will remain the same).
  • Mirror Shimmer VFX will be applied to the areas to give the player that the light shifts ever so slightly. This VFX is similiar to that of the Akachi Battle VFX for Neutral Characters.
  • Area Design is reminiscent of a combination between the Fugue Plane from Mask of the Betrayer and SGK73's Wasteland Prefab with our own twist of course.
  • Most areas are devoid of civilization spare for the Seeker Encampment.
  • Sparse remnants of life previously existing: Skeletons, Dead Tree Husks, etc.

Area Layout Requirements:

  • Path leading West toward Highway 2.
  • Area must have several Light Gathering Crystals clustered together. This is the reason the Rended Souls camp here and protect the area: for energy.
  • Light Gather Crystals enrich the soil, allowing plant life to grow within a small radius.

Tag: 15_rs_rscamp_ex

Connected Areas



The PC must recover the communications mod from the Rended Souls and bring it to the Seekers. This will not be easy. There is an infinite number of Rended Souls in this territory, and they will attack in waves. The PC will have to jump in, retrieve the mod, and jump out while trying to avoid and/or kill any Rended Souls that get in his way.

See Repairing the Comm Post

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