Citadel of the Seekers

The main base of operations for the Seekers.

There is a small prison where they hold the Forsaken and Rended Souls in the interior they want to use for experimentation later.

Visual Description

Area Type: Exterior: Desert Wasteland
Area Size: Small: 8x8 (About the Size of the Bandit Camp in the OC)

The general design of this area applies to all the Mirrorscape areas, excluding mountainous formations, canyons, specific caverns, etc.

For as far as the eye can discern, there is nothing but sand and rock, smoke billowing from any fissures in the rock.

  • All Mirrorscape exteriors will use the same Skybox ( fx_fugue_plane ), Mirror Shimmer VFX and DayNightSettings (Area Designers have some freedom to alter them somewhat, but in general they will remain the same).
  • Mirror Shimmer VFX will be applied to the areas to give the player that the light shifts ever so slightly. This VFX is similiar to that of the Akachi Battle VFX for Neutral Characters.
  • Area Design is reminiscent of a combination between the Fugue Plane from Mask of the Betrayer and SGK73's Wasteland Prefab with our own twist of course.
  • Most areas are devoid of civilization spare for the Seeker Encampment.
  • Sparse remnants of life previously existing: Skeletons, Dead Tree Husks, etc.

Area Layout Requirements:

  • Path leading south towards Highway 1.
  • The camp must be walled and protected by a gate.
  • For discussion: The Settlement is protected by a barrier similiar to that of the Telthor Dome in MotB. After removing the Jarl King from the island, this blue dome appears around the island in the water. Requires a minor CC Mesh object for application as a VFX.
  • Must contain at least one building leading to the Seeker's Laboratory.

Tag: 13_sc_scamp_ex

Associated NPCs

Seeker Leader
Rended Soul Leader

Connected Areas

Arcane Laboratory

Requested Custom Content

  • Mage Equipment - More Specifics Needed
  • Half-Elliptical Dome to cover the entire Seeker Camp.


Once the comm post mod is in their hands, the Seekers can improve on the original design and reproduce as many of it as needed. Because of their mastery of magic, the Seekers can do improve the design and reproduce it instantly, in the span of one convo. The new and improved communications mod will be so powerful that only three of them need to be attached to giant crystals. The Seekers will charge a steep price for each communications mod, however, so the PC better be prepared to pay through the nose.

See Repairing the Comm Post

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