Kholnyon Square (Settlement)

A fortified location in the city near the academy. This location serves as a hub for the player, the only one. A place to rest safely, access to stores, meet NPCs and get quests, and find companions.


The people of the settlement are xenophobic. Being so far into the city means they almost never get any visitors from the wasteland, and those that manage to reach the settlement generally don't live long. The people of the settlement are, for the most part, descendants of the original inhabitants of the city and thus mostly elven, although some half elves are present as well as a few other races that were part of the old city. The jungle and wasteland are hot, so the villagers wear short and loose clothing to stay cool and comfortable. They are American Indian themed in appearance.

The settlement itself was constructed in old Kholnyon Square, a large open area in the city used for gatherings in ancient times. The villagers repaired the ravages of time and the apocalypse as best they could, reparing buildings with wood to fix them and constructing a wooden palisade for protection. Because they have few enemies, wooden walls are used to keep out the indigenous wildlife. They do have a few herbivores they raise for food, but most of what they eat is hunted down or gathered from the surrounding jungle.

Connected Areas

Academy Exterior
Tribal Chief's Hut
Mirror Guy's House
Spirit Realm

Associated NPCs

Lost Elf
Settlement Companion
Optional Settlement Companion

Mirror NPCs
Named Settlement NPCs

Visual Appearance


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The player is given a chance to prove themselves to the community by defeating the large predator prowling Imura. There are several ways to defeat it by using skills, including using speech skills to talk themselves out of having to do it at all.

Appropriate Encounters

Custom Content Requests

Clothes for NPCs
Heads for NPCs

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