Yubi Desert (Wasteland)

The wasteland is the surrounding area of the city, and at the city's height of power, they magically enhanced the soil for aesthetic and practical purposes. In return, it drained the soil of the surrounding area, turning whatever was there before it into a large desert and the city into a lush, green paradise. This magical effect remains to this day, and the desert wasteland grows ever more treacherous and devoid of life; what lives there is unnaturally strong to withstand the environment.

The PC arrives in the area just before dark, and knows the wasteland is a dangerous place to be at that time. The PC then stumbles across some Exiles harassing the Lost Elf; as slavers, they routinely strike out into the wastes to find slaves for their sacrifices. Regardless of whether or not the PC wants to help, the slavers turn on the PC as well hoping to gather another slaves. The Lost Elf and the PC defeat their enemies, and the PC is warned there are more about.

The PC and Lost Elf must reach Imura to escape, evading capture by the Exiles.

Connected Areas

Yubi Desert Cavern

Associated NPCs

Lost Elf
Exile Leader (in a cutscene)

Visual Appearance


Tag: 02_ds_yubi_ex

Appropriate Encounter Types

Mutated types of desert life, either large or textured, or both
Other tribe members
Large Insects


1. Evading the Exiles: Through a number of predetermined paths through the desert, the PC uses stats and skills, and some advice from the companion, to rig up traps or otherwise evade the pursuers using the environment; the option to fight will always be there, however it's likely that the force is so overwhelming the PC has no real chance of fighting them all and evasion and traps are the key to victory.

For example, a spot/survival/search check in a trigger can reveal a large stick on the path with a text string calling to it's attention, activating the placeable to useable. The PC can grab the placeable and take it into his inventory. Further up the path there are some rocks, which can be interacted with by a high STR character and pushed down onto some exiles. However, having the stick lowers the STR requirement as it can be used for leverage.

All said, the key to making this work in an RPG is keeping it stat based. It's likely a player will have no idea what to do with some of these objects as this kind of gaming is unfamiliar in NWN2. Because of that, using character stats to know things a player doesn't is important, like using a stick on a rock for leverage makes it easier to push down or that you can do that kind of thing in this mod instead of just attacking hostile.


Here is a list of possible music files that have been composed for this area, or that have been suggested for this area.

1. Yubi Desert (New piece being written)

2. Flower of Ruin

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