Chief: Settlement Council


The chief has been appointed for no other reason than the rest of the settlement villagers approve of her leadership qualities. She is just, wise and cautious. She is serving as the settlement's judge in all matters, both trivial and important. Never cruel, she just follows the rules — like the rare necessity of ostracising a community member for some hideous crime he or she has committed. She is very suspicious of all kinds of magic except beneficial divination, and any sign of arcane magic is something she would immediately come down upon, for she hasn't forgotten the role it allegedly played in the apocalypse. Like many, she is unsure of what that role was exactly, but its mere existence is enough to be wary of it. Her main concern is the welfare of the settlement - she works hard to maintain order and to keep everybody within its palisades safe and healthy, with one exception — the Lost Elf.

The chief's totem animal is the cave bear.

Areas Where Active

Starting Area: Kholnyon Square
Other Areas: Tribal Chief's Hut

Plot Points Where Active

Plot Outline: The Settlement
Plot Outline: Return to the Settlement

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