Settlement Council: Shaman


The shaman is a somewhat feared person. She is considered to be half spirit, half human. Her totem animal is very much part of her — a desert fox, so much so that to show her power, she has been known to take its shape. But more so, she is feared for her frequent public rantings and her wild demeanor. The shaman prefers dramatic words and gestures, and she often lashes out, scaring everybody around her with various threats involving curses and spirits. Few question her because anyone able to turn into a fox and scare even the Great Warrior is not one to be trifled with.

Being an apt shaman, she can enter into the world of spirits via certain techniques of self-induced trance - drumming and drugs. There is also a strong conviction prevalent in the community that she can see into people's souls, even entering their dreams. On certain occasions, the shaman enacts the history of the community. Thus, she excels in role playing. She is also a healer in a certain capacity, though not magical in nature but using herbs and remedies passed down from days forgotten.

There are certain things that will instantly offend her, and she is not one to forget easily:

- never willingly disturb the spirit realm
- never forget to make offerings to a number of selected spirits
- never disrespect the spirits or the ancenstors
- never let down your particular totem animal

Areas Where Active

Starting Area: Kholnyon Square
Other Areas: Tribal Chief's Hut

Plot Points Where Active

Plot Outline: The Settlement
Plot Outline: Return to the Settlement

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