Settlement Council: Warrior


The great warrior doesn't like talking, but when he does, he speaks in terms of orders and plight. Often, when people talk to him, he hardly looks at them in the eye, gazing some other way instead or staring through them. Some mistake him for an imbecile. Those who do and make it known often do not make that mistake again. If he seems inattentive of others, it is because talking distracts him from using his keen senses to observe the world around him for threats. His entire life, nearly every waking moment and even in his dreams, has been and will continue to be in complete service of the defense of the settlement. Because he knows so little of those he has lived with and because of his curious behavior, he makes a poor judge to settle disputes. Those responsibilities as well as the day-to-day activities of a "captain of the guard" lie primarily with the Chief. Nevertheless, few will doubt his ability to lead a defense against overwhelming odds, his courage, his dedication to duty, or his combat prowess. He is a soldier with a duty to perform. Anything that doesn't directly relate to that duty is disregarded.

The great warrior is extremely loyal to the the Chief while nearly shunning the Shaman. He serves the the Chief with absolute obedience out of his strong sense of duty but dislikes the Shaman for her overdramatic rantings and her threats from spirits that he can't possible understand and which he doubts she can either. There is one exception to this — whenever the great warrior needs to go hunting or to prepare for battle, he always go to the shaman to undergo a ritual. This ritual involves tapping into the power of the great warrior's totem animal — the hyena.

Areas Where Active

Starting Area: Kholnyon Square
Other Areas: Tribal Chief's Hut

Plot Points Where Active

Plot Outline: The Settlement
Plot Outline: Return to the Settlement

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