Appears to be female

The Holographic Simulacrum (or Holosim for short) is an illusory creature controlled by five Analytical Engines (massive computers that run on steam) in the academy. It is one of the hauntings that will appear to the PC from time to time. Originally created by the wizards of the academy as a kind of intelligent online help system that runs on steampunk magic/technology, the Holosim has since been reprogrammed by the Entity to activate whenever a person enters the academy. The Holosim will attempt to guide people to the room that contains the mirror. Once they arrive, the Holosim will show them how to activate the mirror, purportedly to unlock the magic of the ancients. This is a trick, however, designed to send hapless victims to the mirrorscape and send the Entity to the physical world.

Areas Where Active

Starting Area: Mirrorlight Academy, Interior
Other Areas: None

Plot Points Where Active


Into the Cursed Ruin

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