Leader of the Forsaken

Meredius - The Twins

Meredius is from Imura, from a time when Imura was a magnificent city and not the ruins in a jungle that it is now. Most of the time, Meredius's memory is nearly impeccable. He can recall intimate details of the most ordinary events of his past and thus is a good source of information about nearly anything he has knowledge of.

Of course, being trapped in the Mirror has had its toll on him, just as it has on everyone else. Years of hiding and constant fear as well as witnessing atrocities committed on victims of the Entity and the Rended Souls have twisted his mind into forming a defense mechanism. He can retreat into his other personality, a ruthless survivalist who would sacrifice anything to continue to live. When Meredius is presented with danger or thinks about a traumatic event from a long time ago, he slips into this mode. Lately, that has been more frequent as the dynamics between the Entity and the rest of the mirror shifts. This has left the Forsaken in even more danger than ever, and he knows it.

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Starting Area: Mirrorscape: Raven Hills

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