Mirror Bait NPC

Chochmo - Awkward Oaf

Although the Awkward Oaf is a well-meaning person, he/she suffers from low self-esteem that causes him/her to be nervous around other people. Consequently, when asked to do a task, the Awkward Oaf is highly likely to botch the job. This causes other people to treat him/her with even more disdain, which reinforces the idea in his/her head that he/she can do nothing right. That does not stop the Awkward Oaf from volunteering his/her services in the desperate hope of gaining acceptance from others. Most of the time, people tell the Awkward Oaf to go away, but the few times when his/her help is accepted, the Awkward Oaf gets into unfortunate accidents that only make matters worse.

If the Awkward Oaf can only learn to stay calm and be confident in his/her abilities, he/she won't botch whatever task is to be done — not too often anyway. Until then, the Awkward Oaf will remain a disaster that is waiting to happen.

When the PC gets trapped in the mirror dimension and attempts to get help from within the settlement, the Awkward Oaf may be the one the PC contacts. If the PC attempts to ask the Awkward Oaf to send for someone who can help, the Awkward Oaf will respond to the PC's distress call without notifying anyone else.

Halona - Pack Rat

Pack Rat is a very curious person who pokes his/her nose where it is not wanted and grabs anything that fascinates him/her. Often, Pack Rat can hardly remember where he/she got an item unless she starts narrating a long and involved story that eventually reveals the truth.

Areas Where Active

Starting Area: Kholnyon Square

Other Areas:

Plot Points Where Active

Associated Quests

Reeling It In

Minor Quest Notes

Whichever character eventually helps the PC escape the mirror dimension, whether Chochmo or Halona, it is essential for the PC to gain that character's trust. Hence, sometime when the PC returns to the settlement after entering the academy, the Mirror Bait NPC may give a quest that the PC can fulfill to earn that NPC's trust.

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