Seeker Leader

Tatiana Daystar

The Seeker is an observer first and foremost. If she feels that she can learn something by watching an event play out, even if the outcome isn't desirable, to learn more is worth the cost in most cases, unless it is causing her personal harm. Everyone and everything is an experiment waiting to be watched to add to the collective knowledge about the inside of the mirror and the ethical or moral costs never outweigh the knowledge gleaned.

As one of the first to enter the mirror as the apocalypse happened, and having a vast knowledge of how the mirrors worked being one of the hands in their design, she declared herself the leader of the group. Few argued as it seemed sensible at the time.

Of course, over the years, she has spiraled into a state of extreme focus bordering on madness. It began not long after entering the mirror; as one of the hands in it's creation, she quickly realized they won't be leaving any time soon, perhaps at all.

Keeping this revelation to herself to stave off the potential panic of the group, paranoia set in over time. She eliminated those who opposed her decisions or had knowledge of her revelation but were of little use to the group. She began finding ways to bring their demise, often to further her research into understanding the mirror network and revealing the details that elluded her, the details that ultimately caused the apocalypse, all the while justifying this to herself that her actions may eventually bring about their escape.

Running out of research subjects, she turned to trying to capture anyone who wasn't a part of their group. At the loss of the entity's ever-presence, she is growing increasingly disturbed; the goal of understanding and perhaps even using the entity can never be fulfilled. She has since begun plans to rapidly gather rended souls in case the entity doesn't return in a time more to her liking knowing she could create another.

Of course, whether she wants escape or is now comfortable with spending eternity studying the inner mirror, reaching out beyond the network into the vast unknown remains a mystery even to herself.

Because she never considers anyone her equal, she has little cause to ever be angry by anything another may say to her; lesser creatures don't really deserve the attention. That's not to say she doesn't recognize their usefulness, but rather their opinons on things don't amount to much. She is frequently condescending as her intellect is rarely matched and her thoughts rarely challenged. She always knows what's best because she has been making those decisions unchallenged for so long, and she's not about to start to doubt that even when presented with a better option.

Areas Where Active

Starting Area: Citadel of the Seekers
Other Areas: Mirrorscape: Raven Hills (Inside the Mirror) (depending on which ending the PC winds up with)

Plot Points Where Active

Associated Quests

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