Tribal Chief

Molimo - Rattle Staff

Rattle Staff shakes his cane every so often, mostly out of agitation. Rattle Staff has all throughout his life been convinced of one thing - that the key to restoring nature's wondrous calm - the equilibrium of the spirits' creation - is to seek out the magic that once prevailed in the world and to use it to bring back all that was lost. Although most of the villagers have carefully listened to his exhortations, very few have taken action on them. The reason for that is simple - The Yubi desert is deadly. Just to cross it all the way to the old grand city is a feat hardly anyone has attempted in recent memory. In fact, most of the villagers believe it to be myth rather than fact.

Rattle Staff has seen the potential in the PC ever since the PC's childhood, but Rattle Staff still did not believe the PC is the one to lead the village to prosperity. He had two sons meant, by the decree of the spirits, to do that. The PC had always been favored, however. Of course that was before the expedition of the PC and Rattle Staff's sons. Three left, one returned. The PC came back from seeking out Imura alone, his two sons having been killed along the way. Broken, Rattle Staff openly mourned the loss, and perhaps in his mind, the loss of all hope for the village's prosperity.

Now, the tribal chief hates the PC for denying them their future. Not one to dismiss the usefulness of having the PC around, Rattle Staff reserves only the most dangerous missions and expeditions for the PC to face alone. Each time, the PC returned. Eventually, when the village is attacked by a band of exiles, the chief sends the PC to find this mythical jungle city in the wastes, planning all along to move the tribe while the PC is gone. Even if the PC returns, the PC will have nowhere else to go.

Personality-wise, the chief isn't very friendly or particularly fond of anyone. He has his moments of kindness, but they have grown considerably less frequent since the loss of his loved ones. The chief has a responsibility to protect the tribe, which he honors, though he has no patience for weakness. If someone falls behind when the tribe moves, they either catch up or they don't, and his attitude towards that is if they don't, the tribe is better off without them.

Areas Where Active

Starting Area: Tribal Village
Other Areas: None

Plot Points Where Active

Plot Outline: Tribal Village

Associated Quests

The Fabled Trove of Magic

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