Plot Overview

The Player Character opens in a post apocalyptic world, on a quest to find magical items to defend his or her respective tribe in this hostile world. Long ago, it is known that great wizards used to work magic to help, but that was before the apocalypse. Now, magic is difficult to come by, and having some would be a great asset in the tribes' defense, or even offense. The PC leaves his or her tribe and wanders in a dangerous wasteland teeming with monsters, especially at night. As soon as darkness is looming in the sky, the PC must seek shelter, because being caught in the wasteland after nightfall could prove to be deadly. After some wandering, the PC finds a city in a jungle, seemingly deserted but shelter none-the-less. After exploring the city, the PC finds a well fortified section inhabited by people, the settlement.

After spending some time in the city, the PC learns the academy is a cursed place, and the villagers refuse to enter it, going to great lengths to protect themselves from its influence. However, they don't stop those who do, for they know those who enter rarely return. The academy is rumored to have been a school of magic before the apocalypse, so it may very well be full of wonders, and dangers. Perhaps, though, the PC can find some companions willing to join them in the search in the settlement, young ones too foolish to realize the dangers, non-believers, or the curious. Or perhaps even someone who may have been there before and walked out alive.

The academy is a haunted place, in a sense. The mirror in the heart of the academy served a special purpose, but at a great cost; a cost to the entire world. Throughout the academy, the mirror replays hauntings of what had happened to bring about the apocalypse. These hauntings will serve as a trail of breadcrumbs for the PC to follow, eventually learning that the souls of those who used the mirror, including the great wizard who invented the mirror, were trapped inside when its use went awry.

The mirror though, in its function, also traps the part of the image it wants to do away with. In time, this energy turned into an entity that is tricking the PC into releasing it from the mirror. None of the hauntings are true; they're just clues created by the entity to lead the PC to a false conclusion; in order to gain access to great magic and free the souls, a ward on the mirror must be broken. However, the true purpose of the ward is to contain the entity.

The Exile Leader will also be influenced by these hauntings, and unwittingly be working with the PC to release the entity. In a climatic scene at the mirror the PC and Exile Leader release the entity.

The PC is then sucked into the mirror and the entity released- Thus, the PC will find himself or herself inside the mirror. The PC may then join with the Exile Leader, or fight it out, after which a Lost Soul will approach the PC and give them a short tour of sorts, explaining some of the differences between the outside and inside.

The PC enters a free roaming section of the adventure, with the eventual goal of releasing themselves from captivity, with a sideline goal, though important, of doing something about the entity.

To escape, the PC must learn some information from the various other factions, Seekers and Rended Souls. The PC must locate the Communications Post and repair it, find someone or something on the outside to swap places with them. How this is accomplished, and what the PC does along the way, determine what happens when the PC exits the mirror.

See Flow Chart for ending conditions.
See Endings for ending descriptions.

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