Quest: United We Stand

Every time the PC interacts with the lost souls or the seekers, the PC may gain or lose influence with each faction. The objective of this quest is for the PC to gain sufficient influence with each faction so that if ever the PC fights the Entity while in the mirrorscape, these factions will lend their aid.


  1. Suggest an alliance. When the PC discovers what they are up against, the PC will gain the option to suggest an alliance with each faction leader against the Entity and/or the rended souls. The faction leaders will refuse, but the PC will succeed in planting the seeds of a possible alliance in their minds. The PC will just need to nurture those seeds into growth.
  2. Do miscellaneous quests for the lost souls and seekers. Each quest that aids the lost souls or seekers will raise the PC's influence with that faction.
  3. Try to persuade the faction leaders. As the PC's influence with each faction grows, the PC may make further attempts to persuade each faction leader to unite against their common enemies. For as long as the PC's attempt fails, the faction leader will refuse outright. If the PC succeeds, the faction leader will appear to be non-committal, agreeing only to think about the possibility of an alliance. This is the best that the PC can hope for. The player may not realize it, but when the conditions are right, the faction leader will lend aid in the PC's hour of need.

Associated NPCs

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