Quest: Like Flies versus a Giant

With the Entity yanked back into the mirrorscape, the PC must now do whatever they can to defeat it. The PC will have the help of either the Forsaken, the seekers, or both. A major battle will ensue, and the fate of those in the mirrorscape hangs in the balance.


There's only one thing to do: fight the Entity. NPCs from the factions that the PC has earned favor with will help in the battle. Having the seekers on the PC's side is especially helpful because they will bring unmanned giant robots and airships in reserve. The PC may board a giant robot or airship and use it to deal a whole lot of damage to the Entity. The best tactic here is to hit hard and try not to be hit, putting the other NPCs between the PC and the Entity if needed. Success in this final battle ends the game.

Associated NPCs

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