Quest: Which Way Home?


  1. Arrive at the Mirrorscape. When the PC enters the mirrorscape for the first time, they will soon realize that they are no longer in the world that they came from. This begins the search for a way back to the PC's home world.
  2. Learn about the mirror and its connection to the mirrorscape. By speaking with various people, the PC will learn about the mirror and the advanced civilization that created it. They will also learn about how people became trapped in the mirrorscape, how the rended souls and the Entity were created, and why the apocalypse occurred. It should eventually become apparent that the mirrors of old brought people to the mirrorscape, but everyone seems to think that escape from the mirror dimension is impossible. Nevertheless, the PC may have the distinct impression that just before they were whisked through the mirror and brought to the mirrorscape, someone or something else had stepped through.
  3. Investigate the Entity's involvement. By speaking with Mister Grin (after acquiescing to a number of his creepy demands), the PC discovers that at around the same time they had been whisked into the mirrorscape, the Entity had disappeared from it. Perhaps the thing that had stepped through the mirror was the Entity itself. If so, it seems that the Entity had found a way to teleport to the PC's world somehow. The PC might learn more if they could only discover where the Entity's lair is. Mister Grin knows, but that kind of information is going to cost the PC. Time for another round of concessions. At this point, the PC surmises that the way home is through the Entity's lair. This quest is then concluded, and a new quest is begun.

Associated NPCs

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