Quest: A Square Deal

Under attack from several hostile bands of exiles, Hok'ee asks the PC to accompany him to Kholnyon Square. Together, they stand a better chance against the dangers that face them than if they were to journey separately. Because Kholnyon Square is in Imura, the very place where the PC has to search for powerful magic, it makes sense for the PC to agree with this request, especially since Hok'ee knows its location.


The quest will progress through the following stages::

  1. Accept Hok'ee's companionship. The PC must agree to accompany Hok'ee because it's the only way to reach Kholnyon Square. They must both survive the encounters that await them.
  2. Arrive at Kholnyon Square. Once the PC reaches Kholnyon Square, this quest will end.

Associated NPCs


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