Quest: Know Your Enemy

The first time that the PC party encounters the rended souls, they won't know what they are up against. It won't take long for the PC to realize that these creatures are practically all over the place. It pays to know the enemy, the better to defeat them. Toward this end, the PC will have to talk with members of each faction in the mirrorscape to know what powers these creatures have and how best to tackle them. In the process, they will learn about something far worse than rended souls — the Entity


  1. Ask the Lost Souls. Initially, the PC won't know what to call these strange creatures, but by talking with some of the Lost Souls, they will learn what rended souls are called and what some of the more common ones can do. The PC will also be told of something far more dangerous than any rended soul — the Entity. The Lost Souls will also inform the PC of another group of people — the Seekers.
  2. Ask the Seekers. By talking with some of the Seekers, the PC will learn about the more dangerous varieties of rended souls and how the Entity and all rended souls came to be.
  3. Ask Mister Grin. Much to the PC's surprise, the Seekers have a captive rended soul — a disturbingly intelligent one named Mister Grin. This creature has a lot of information on its own kind as well as on the Entity itself. Nothing in life comes free, however, and if the PC wants information, they will have to acquiesce to some of Mister Grin's demands — such as releasing him from his prison and killing his captor. To make matters worse, Mister Grin will ask to join the PC's party so he can show them around. There's no telling if and when he'll want to "snack" on anyone in the party. Nevertheless, Mister Grin is the only one who can divulge the location of the secret lair of the Entity, a place that may be the bridge between the mirrorscape and the PC's world. He's not about to divulge everything he knows in one go, however. He'll parcel it out piece by piece for a little quid pro quo.

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