Quest: If It's Broke, Fix It

At the center of this quest is the Entity's lair, an imposing structure that serves as a powerful communications post. The Entity's lair has been vandalized, however, and the PC must repair it to get it working again. This is the PC's only hope of getting outside help to re-activate the mirror in the academy, thereby switching locations between the Entity and the PC party.


  1. Find out more about the Entity's lair. Mister Grin has important information about the Entity's lair, but he isn't about to divulge everything just yet. The PC will have to grant a number of his twisted desires before he shares information piecemeal. Mister Grin knows the location of the Entity's lair. He also knows that several rended souls have flocked to this place because of the large number of giant crystals in the area, which tends to attract other creatures seeking nourishment. In addition, he knows that an important component of the Entity's lair was spirited away shortly after the Entity disappeared from the mirrorscape, which coincides with the time when the PC party suddenly appeared. (At this point, the PC may get their first inkling that the creature that had appeared in front of the angel mirror a second or two before they were teleported away was the Entity itself.) Finally, he knows of the only place where the component may be found. All these, he knows by communicating telepathically with others of his kind. Although other rended souls know the same things he does, Mister Grin is the only one among them with sufficient intelligence to put two and two together and to communicate with those of the civilized races. The PC must acquire all these information one way or another.
  2. Retrieve the communications mod. The important component referred to by Mister Grin is a powerful communications mod, a clever piece of magic/technology invented by the Entity itself. By installing several of these devices on the giant crystals in the area, the Entity can create a communications link across dimensions, sending and receiving messages along any place that has communication mirrors in them; the Mirrorlight Academy for instance. When the rended souls near the Entity's lair realized that the Entity had gone, they destroyed all but one of these communications mods, bringing the only remaining piece back to their domain as a trophy symbolizing the Entity's disappearance. Unfortunately, there is an infinite number of rended souls in their domain. The PC will have to run in, retrieve the mod, and run out while trying to avoid and/or dispatch all rended souls that get in the way. The search will definitely be easier if the PC party has Mister Grin guiding them along, but to get his help, the PC will have to offer a little quid pro quo.
  3. Replicate the communications mods. A single communications mod is not enough to create a link across dimensions. The PC will need more of these devices to amplify signals sufficiently. Fortunately, the Seekers can be of help here. Once the device is in their hands, the Seekers can improve on the original design and reproduce as many of it as needed. The new and improved communications mod will be so powerful that only three of them need to be attached to giant crystals. The Seekers will charge a steep price for each communications mod, however, so the PC had better be prepared to pay through the nose.
  4. Install the mods. The PC must attach communications mods to any three crystals in the area of the Entity's lair. The PC must first clear it of rended souls, which will attempt to destroy any communications mod that they see. (If all of the party's mods are destroyed because of failure to dispatch all rended souls first, the PC can always buy more from the Seekers.) Once the area is cleared and the mods are installed, this quest will end, and the PC will have a chance to deal with the Entity.

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