Quest: Into the Cursed Ruin

Deep in the jungle of Imura lies an ancient building that is said to be cursed. One of the villagers from the settlement, Hehewuti, is willing to accompany the PC there. Perhaps together, they can bypass whatever curses and magical wards are in place to recover items of great power. The only traps to be found here, however, are a result of the decrepit condition of the building — falling rubble and twisted pipes that emit scalding steam. There are mysterious spirits to be found, but these turn out to be harmless. The greatest danger that the party faces is from predators that are freed from their cryogenic stasis as well as bands of exiles that wander the place for reasons unknown. The party must prevail against all these dangers until they activate a special mirror that is said to unlock the magic of the ancients. The PC does not realize that the mirror will do no such thing and will instead teleport everyone to a mysterious dimension.


  1. Find a way inside. Having reached the building's exterior, the PC must find a way to enter.
  2. Restore power to the building. There are several doors and teleportation portals that require electrical power to be used. The PC must restore power to the building somehow. Doing this will have the unfortunate side effect of thawing fierce predators that had been frozen in some mysterious ice that never melts on its own.
  3. Activate the analytical engines. Analytical engines are huge, steampunk computers. The PC has to activate five such machines in a particular room. This will cause the Holosim to appear and guide the PC party along the rest of this quest.
  4. Activate the mirror portals. There is a series of mirror portals that must be activated in sequence. The first portal leads to the second portal, which leads to the last portal, which then leads to an area with a special mirror in it. The Holosim can provide the PC with clues on how to activate each portal. Along the way, the party will encounter hostile bands of exiles, who must be dispatched.
  5. Activate the special mirror. The Holosim will tell the PC to activate the special mirror in this area to unlock the magic of the ancients. Unfortunately, before the party can do this, Nahimana and her army of exiles burst upon the scene. Unknown to the PC, Nahimana is also intent upon activating the mirror because she believes that it will free her god from its prison. Neither party knows the other's intent, but upon seeing their enemies, combat ensues. The exiles are strong and outnumber the PC party. (In fact, each time one of their number falls, another spawns in.) Nahimana herself cannot be killed, having come across an item of power that prevents her from dying. The only recourse for the PC is to cut through the swath of exiles and activate the mirror in the hope of wielding magic that is powerful enough to defeat their enemies. The mirror is a trap, however, that will teleport the Entity to this area and send everyone else to the mirrorscape. When this happens, this quest will end, and the PC will have to figure out how to go back home.

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