Quest: The Fabled Trove of Magic

Legends tell of a fabulous trove of powerful magic from a time long forgotten. With the threat of annihilation looming over his tribe, Chief Molimo will send the PC to pass through the treacherous Yubi Desert to seek this powerful magic in the jungle ruins of Imura. It is perhaps a fool's errand for no one who has traveled deep into the jungle has been known to return. Neither is there any assurance that this repository of powerful magic exists.


The quest will progress through the following stages:

  1. Enter Imura. The tribal chief tasks the PC with entering the jungle ruins of Imura to find powerful magic there. Where in the jungle to search and what form this magic will take, nobody knows.
  2. Find information on where in the jungle to search. After helping Hok'ee return to Kholnyon Square, the PC can ask the locals about where powerful magic may be found. Before long, Hehewuti will show the PC evidence that magic items of power do exist, the location of which is known to Hehewuti.
  3. Enter the ancient academy. Hehewuti accompanies the PC to the site of an ancient academy. At this point, the quest ends and a new one begins.

Associated NPCs

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