Rock Throwing

In the city, the PC will have an opportunity to throw rocks to distract enemies and move them from the path.

These rocks may also be used in later puzzles for hitting buttons/switches from a distance, distracting other enemies, knocking things down from ledges, etc.


1. Go gain the most utility, there may be an INT check on the effectiveness of the rock. Creatures above 3 INT are immune to the distraction effect; a pass/fail check when thrown on those below 3 INT will determine whehter they fall for the rock or not. Those who pass the check or are above 3 INT attack the PC, those who fail move to within a short distance of the nearest properly tagged WP and if the WP doesn't exist they move some distance away from the rock target location in a random direction. The rock itself creates an AOE effect at the location of the rock with the purpose of cycling through every creature in it's radius and check it's INT for a proper response.

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