Tower Defense

Background: Crystal Mods

There are many giant crystals that dot the landscape of the mirror dimension. These giant crystals accumulate light energy at a steady rate. Anyone touching these crystals will enjoy the benefit of a full day’s rest and will drain the crystals of their energy in the process. The crystals will slowly regenerate this energy, however.

When the Seekers discovered these crystals, they realized that much of the magical knowledge they had regarding the use of light could be modified to apply to these giant crystals as well. They proceeded to invent a number of devices called crystal mods. These mods are attached to the giant crystals to change what the crystals can do.

Each crystal may have at most two mods attached – a power mod and an enhancement mod. The power mod transforms the curative ability of the crystal to which it is attached into some other power. The enhancement mod improves the crystal’s power.

Power Mods

The following are the power mods avaiable in the game. With the exception of the communications mod, each of these affect only Rended Souls and have a DC that depends on the grade of the mod.

  • Inaccuracy. These mods reduce a Rended Soul’s chance to hit.
  • Slow. These mods slow down the movement rate of Rended Souls.
  • Fascination. These mods cause Rended Souls to stop whatever they are doing and stare with fascination at the crystal. Only a few Rended Souls can be affected by a single crystal, however.
  • Weapon. This causes a damaging beam to be fired at the nearest Rended Soul. This beam will completely drain the crystal of its power, which must be fully recharged before the beam will fire again.
  • Communications. This is a special mod for use in the Comm Post area.

Enhancement Mods
The following are the enhancement mods available in the game.

  • Range. This increases the radius of the crystal’s area of effect. Higher grade mods have a longer radius.
  • Regeneration. This increases the crystal’s rate of energy recovery.
  • Amplifier. This boosts the crystal’s power. The following are the specific effects boosted depending on the power mod attached to the crystal.
    • None. More people can use the crystal’s recuperative abilities before draining it completely.
    • Inaccuracy. Rended Souls receive a higher penalty to hit chance.
    • Slow. Movement rate of Rended Souls become reduced by a higher percentage.
    • Fascination. More Rended Souls can be dazed with helpless fascination.
    • Weapon. Higher damage to Rended Souls.
    • Communications. See Communications Post
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