The Mirror

It is said now, that if you are brave enough to say Bloody Mary's name three times in front of a mirror, she will come for you, tear your body into pieces and steal your soul. Your soul will suffer never ending torture as you will burn in the mirror for eternity.
Bloody Mary - Is She in Your Mirror?

In an abandoned wizard's academy in the city lies a mysterious mirror at the top of one of its towers. It is rumored by the locals that this mirror was responsible for the apocalypse. In a sense, they are right.

What is the Mirror


Hundreds of thousands of years ago, a wizard wanted to experiment with improving the morality of people through magical means. He came up with a plan to create a mirror that would cleanse away all evil from those who gaze upon it. He experimented on slaves at first and soon found that while his test subjects were devoid of evil intent, they also became as meek and docile as lambs and lacked all leadership qualities. Realizing that this mirror could be used to create the perfect workforce, he used it on all the servants and clerks who worked at the academy.

Little did the wizard know that the evil that was in the hearts of those who looked upon the mirror did not disappear but was absorbed inside the mirror. This evil accumulated as more and more people gazed upon the mirror and soon acquired a collective consciousness known as the entity. Its power grown, the entity escaped the mirror and preyed upon a number of unsuspecting wizards at the academy. It fed on the minds of its victims, turning them into twisted, murderous husks of their former selves.

With the knowledge and power gained from feeding on several wizards of the academy, the entity trained its sights on feeding its insatiable hunger. It reprogrammed the central hub that controls the mirror portals of the city, turning them into channels that siphon away the minds of those who would use these portals.

Within minutes, the entire city was drenched in the blood of those who were killed by the mirrors' victims. The entity's intelligence grew at a tremendous rate, and it immediately found ways to reprogram the central hubs of all other cities throughout the world. Death came swiftly, shrouding all the nations of the Earth under its mantle. In less than two hours, the world population dwindled to less than one percent of its peak.

It took that long for the surviving wizards at the academy to realize what had gone wrong. Together, they used their magic to trap the entity in the mirror from where it came. This heroic deed came at the sacrifice of all lives at the academy, however. Of the few who escaped the academy before the wizards' final confrontation, none were wizards themselves, and all were considered weak-willed and stupid by the other survivors of the city.

Of course, much of this is forgotten to most people, who are more concerned with their survival than the annals of history. The few who live in the city only know that the academy is an evil, godless place that must be avoided at all costs.

Other Mirrors

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