Plot Outline: Inside the Academy 2

Now that the entity is stirred, the hauntings are frequent as the entity tries to trick the PC into freeing it. The most prevalent form of haunting comes from the Holosim, an illusory female elf whom the PC will mistake for a spirit guide of sorts. The exiles have also entered the academy by now and are getting the hauntings also, but of a different nature more aligned to their goals. The Exile Leader is being influenced to think her false god is trapped in the mirror and will be working to release it. The PC is free to roam the academy by activating teleportation mirrors to reach areas previously inaccessible, likey running into dangers along the way (such as the exiles and the Exile Leader) while doing related sidequests.

Eventually though, the PC meets up with the Exile Leader at the mirror, and a fight ensues between their parties. The Exile Leader has a powerful magic item that protects her from harm, and her minions are so numerous as to be infinite in number for all intents and purposes. The only way to end the fight is to activate the mirror. This mirror is in a bad state of disrepair, so its original function of filtering away all evil from whoever gazes into it is no longer operational. Nevertheless, by following the Holosim's instructions, the PC and the Exile Leader will have unwittingly changed the mirror's function. Through the combined actions of the Exile Leader and the PC, the entity is released. The PC and the Exile Leader (as well as the PC's companions) are sucked into the mirrorscape.

They are inside the mirror.

Associated NPCs


Into the Cursed Ruin


  1. Some of the sidequests from the settlement will involve this area.
  2. We need to set up a meeting or two between the exile leader and the PC that doesn't end in blood intelligently.
    • See the revised sequence of events above. — Frank
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