Plot Outline: Escaping the Mirror

The PC is given free roaming of the inside of the mirror. The PC's main goal is to escape the mirror, however the PC may also influence the endings at this point through interactions inside the mirror.

Changing the Ending

Once the fixed the communications post has been fixed, the PC may contact the outside world through one of the comm mirrors. By convincing someone or something in the outside world to go to the large mirror used to enter the inner mirror, the PC can switch places with them. Once they are done with that, what they did while inside is taken into account and an ending is produced.


Associated NPCs


Reeling It In


1. We need the steps needed, generally, such as "must learn of mirror to settlement from Seekers" to fill in the plot completely, basically how the learns what is needed to escape.

2. The PC is able to convince a villager by doing a quest for them in Act I or Act II, so they trust the PC. Of course, the PC must tell them he will return to them and swap back, but that can be a lie. If they haven't, the PC may also reason with the villagers and attempt to use dialogue skills that there is no other choice; of course, that will be difficult. A golem in the academy to use as a dummy to switch with is a possibility. Finally the warlock companion, if present, should be allowed to convince one of his followers; a fanatical cultist would probably do this without arguement.

3. Using information garnered from the Forsaken, seekers, and rended souls, the PC will be eventually be able to return to his/her world. What the PC intends to do, however, may cause one of these factions to try to stop the PC from escaping the mirror dimension. For example, if the PC intends to send the entity back to the mirror dimension, the rended souls will try to stop them.

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