Plot Outline: Inside the Academy 1

Once the PC finds their way inside of the academy, a sense of dread should be apparent; this is an old place, and something terrible happened here. Since the companion Hehewuti hasn't been very far inside ever, she's not much use navigating the PC. Parts of the academy are inaccessible to the PC because of rubble and debris, which is noticed. Of course, there's a lot to see, and the PC eventually activates the mirror teleportation network. Doing that stirs the entity from it's slumber inside the mirror, and it immediately begins using its hauntings to manipulate the PC into releasing it.

These hauntings bug out the companion Hehewuti, and they stumble into the active mirror on the network, pulling the PC with them inside. They are instantly transported back to the settlement through an inactive mirror there, making quite a grand entrance.

On to the return to the settlement.

Associated NPCs


Into the Cursed Ruin


1. How do we hint at the PC activating the mirror system?
2. How is it done?
3. What else is there to see? Clues about what really happened?
4. I think we need some kind of fast paced shuffle of horror images when using the mirrors before and after the transitions, kind of a clue as to what's really in there.

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