Plot Outline: Just Entered the Mirror

Upon being thrown into the mirror dimension, the PC discovers that he/she is in a very strange world. If the PC had any companions, they would have also been sucked into the mirror dimension with them. The most important objective of the PC at this point is to return to their world as soon as possible.

Almost immediately after realizing this, however, the PC encounters the Exile Leader.

The Exile Leader is trying to come to grips with the apparent betrayal of the god that she had worshipped, the god whom the entity had masqueraded as. Could her god be trying to test the Exile Leader's faith? Was this god displeased with how the Exile Leader dealt with the PC? The Exile Leader voices these thoughts aloud, and the PC has a chance to try to persuade her that her god was a false one that had duped them both. Alternatively, the PC may attempt to fight the Exile Leader while doubt gnaws on her mind.

If the PC succeeds in persuading the Exile Leader that the entity had tricked them both, the PC may choose to leave the Exile Leader, to fight her, or to try to convince the Exile Leader to join forces and find a way to return to their world. As long as the Exile Leader is no longer hostile toward the PC, she will readily join the PC as a companion. At this point, a small pack of rended souls will chance upon them and attack.

If a fight between the PC and the Exile Leader ensues, a small pack of rended souls will chance upon them and attack. The PC and the Exile Leader have no choice but to cease hostilities for the meantime and defend themselves. When the battle is over, the PC may realize that the world they are in is a dangerous place. The PC and the Exile Leader stand a better chance of surviving if they join forces. If the PC tells this to the Exile Leader, the latter will immediately team up with the PC. Alternatively, the PC may choose to continue fighting the Exile Leader. Having accidentally lost her powerful magic item during her jump across dimensions, the Exile Leader will die if she loses this fight, and the PC will have to deal with other worries.

However the relationship between the PC and the Exile Leader is resolved, the Lost Soul Leader will stumble upon the PC when the fight is over and offer them a safe haven to rest.

From this point on, the adventure becomes an open ended/exploration. There are a few things that must be done to escape the mirror. First the PC must meet some of the factions, as their help is required to figure out what to do to escape. Other tasks will flow from that point.

** Alternative Event **

Instead of landing in the middle of a strange and unknown world, we could throw the player and the Exile into familiar territory. They could be led to believe that they were just transported outside and back into the jungle-like atmosphere they were in. However, this area would not feature any signs of advanced civilization as in Imura. This brief moment of familiarity is soon broken when a foreign creature (probably a goblin of some sort - Batiri) spots them. The exile leader could kill the beast and resume her business with disposing of the PC. I'll leave this for the writers to decide….

However, before the PC and the Exile Leader begin fighting again, strange noises begin echo all around them. And soon, hundreds of goblins pour out of the jungle from every direction. There is little time to think and far too many of them to fight. The only option is run and pray that you can ditch them. The major goal for this area would be to dash through the jungle and find a place to hide from the horde. After a long run with many obstacles and goblins jumping in front of the PC and the Exile, the player can seek refuge in an old ruin. The goblins had made a home out of the cave but there are only a few to deal with at this point. At this point, the conversation between the Exile and the PC can resume as mentioned above. The player can travel through the area and eventually find the Lost Soul who can be their guide for the rest of the way.

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  1. If the Exile Leader's sex is the opposite of the PC's, it may be possible to make the Exile Leader a romanceable option. As such, the PC and the Exile Leader will always bicker with each other, but their hostility will be a kind of sexual tension that may quickly translate to passion. If the PC suddenly kisses the Exile Leader in the midst of an argument, the ensuing "encounter" will be heated, predatory, and incredibly intense. The relationship between the two will be much less hostile afterward, but there will always be sexual tension between them. It's possible to rig the module so that the Exile Leader will always be of the opposite sex as that of the PC. Do we even want to do romances in this module? I vote in favor of them. This short module can serve as a testbed for our romantic writing skills. If players do not receive the romances favorably, we will know that we don't have the skill to pull off romances in a premium module. — Frank
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