Plot Outline: Meeting the Rended Souls

At the Citadel of the Seekers, the PC can interact with some captive Rended Souls. Most are vicious and feral, but a few are of cunning intelligence. One in particular can instruct the PC on how to find the Rended Soul Encampment.


1. In their citadel, the seekers have a captive rended soul on which they conduct their experiments. This rended soul is more powerful and intelligent than most of its kind. The PC may interrogate it to find out what it knows of how to leave the mirror dimension and where others of its kind may be found. The creature may divulge some information but may insist on being freed in exchange. The PC will have a lot of leeway on what bargains he/she may make with the rended soul and which of these bargains he/she intends to keep. Freeing the creature is bound to be difficult because it will be inclined to attack everyone in its path. Perhaps the PC can find a way to bind the rended soul so that it won't attack the party. If the rended soul is so bound, it may even be compelled to join the party if the PC wishes. If the PC frees the rended soul, however, he/she will probably make an enemy of the seekers. The PC should be given a lot of choice in this matter.

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