Plot Outline: The Settlement

The PC approaches the gate at the settlement, finding a safe haven in the city. The villagers are xenophobic, but with the Lost Elf at the PC's side, they won't kill the PC without hearing their intentions. After a short RP session, they will bring the PC to the Tribal Chief's hut to meet with the leaders of the settlement. Once the PC is inside, another short but ultimately inconsequential RP session ensues where the PC works out their story on why they are there.

The leaders of the settlementUrika, Wakanda, and Otaktay — convene to discuss what they intend to do with the PC. The Lost Elf leaves the party for now, and the villagers allow the PC to roam the settlement a bit. It's not very big, and few are friendly. The PC can use a limited form of the shop to resupply consumables like healing and the like, maybe getting ammo if they use a ranged weapon. The PC may eventually speak with one of the villagers, Hehewuti, who will talk about the academy and its magic. This is exactly what the PC is looking for. They join together so Hehewuti can lead the PC to the academy through the city without the settlement villagers realizing they had left.

They leave for the path to the academy.

Associated NPCs



  1. RP encounters need to be fleshed out as their exact nature
  2. How should they sneak out? Can't use a gate obviously
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