Plot Outline: The City

The PC enters at the edge of the city ruins. The city is overgrown with plant life, and the buildings themselves are falling apart from lack of maintenance. There is a twisting path through streets as well as several dead ends. Along the ruined buildings is a trail, a sign of civilization from the settlement. There are predators about, so it's not safe to move around without being careful.

The Lost Elf will inform the player that there are two paths through this area: a smaller path sure to be crawling with hostiles and the main path past a large predator patrolling it. Because the Lost Elf is from the settlement, he knows it can be distracted by throwing rocks from points of safety. The PC may choose either path to reach the end or a combination of the two.

Eventually, though, the PC reaches the settlement at Kholnyon Square.

Associated NPCs



A Square Deal


1. The PC should also find some barter goods to trade with at the settlement.

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