Plot Outline: Tribal Village

The PC begins in a small village of his tribe. The mod is intended for level 10 characters, so this area serves as a training ground for the mod. Player characters whose effective level is less than ten will be given sufficient experience points to level up. Player characters will undergo a number of quests that will eventually bring them outside the village, never to return.

Associated NPCs

Chief Molimo


  1. Learn about the setting. The player character must speak with various NPCs in the village and, in doing so, learn about the setting.
  2. Learn the bartering system. The player character must go through a short tutorial on the barter system and use it to buy appropriate equipment.
  3. Defend the tribe. At some point, the tribe will be assaulted by hostile invaders, and the player character must defend the tribe to the best of their ability.
  4. Seek powerful magic. See Quest: The Fabled Trove of Magic.


  • Is the tribe race-dependent? If so, the village should be dynamically populated with NPCs of the same race as the PC.
  • Do we want an extra area when there are trainers out there? The unique, low magic setting may require it.
  • Should we keep it open but low priority?

Here is an alternative to the way the module starts: The PC is imported at the proper level and stripped of gear and given some. The PC is placed in the tribal village and a monologue, with perhaps some memory choices to fill in info about the tribe to be referenced later, and given a journal entry with some background info and what they're doing.

  • The alternative is much less work than the earlier description on how the module starts. Can blend in seamlessly later also.
  • Not very much fun, and people hate having gear stripped.
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