Plot Outline: Yubi Desert

The PC is deposited in the wasteland. Aware of the dangers of the approaching night, the PC knows he must find shelter, and soon, for as inhospitable as the desert is when the sun is high, the real danger lurks in the darkness.

The PC arrives in the area just before dark, and knows the wasteland is a dangerous place to be at that time. The PC then stumbles across some Exiles harassing the Lost Elf. As slavers, the Exiles routinely strike out into the wastes to find slaves for their sacrifices. In a cutscene, the PC will see the Exile Leader giving orders for the capture of the Lost Elf. Confident that the Lost Elf does not stand a chance against her minions, the Exile Leader will leave, thus ending the cutscene. Regardless of whether or not the PC wants to help, the slavers turn on the PC as well, hoping to gather another slave. The Lost Elf and the PC defeat their enemies, and the PC is warned there are more about.

The PC and Lost Elf must reach Imura to escape, evading capture by the Exiles.

It should be obvious they need to move foward to find Imura; it should be visible off in the distance at the edge of the area near the transition out. Additionally, the Lost Elf can direct the PC towards safety.

Lacking options, the PC enters the the Imura Ruins.

Associated NPCs


A Square Deal

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