Dialogue: Companions

Companion dialogue will follow a different format than what is generally used.

The companions won't have their life stories stored in their dialogue files and gaining influence to reveal more is not the format used in this mod. That information is revealed throughout the mod in other dialogues. The companion dialogue is pretty bare bones, however they should offer an observation on current events once followed by their standard greeting.


  • [once per game]"I can't believe that happened!" says your companion.
    • "Yeah, that was messed up."
      • [link to node]
    • "I can believe it happened."
      • [link to node]
    • "Rude response."
      • [link to node]"So what do you want?"
        • [continue]
          • [link to standard questions]
  • [Always]"What do you want?"
    • [continue]
      • [standard questions]
        • "I want to change your class."
        • "blah blah you get the idea"
        • "Nothing now."
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