Writing Formatting

There are three different types of text that appear in dialogues:


Actions are descriptors of non-verbal actions taken by characters.

Example: "He walked to the cabinet and opened it"

When possible, this should further detail movement and animations.

This text always appears in GREEN. This text will NEVER appear on the same line as any other type.


Reactions are descriptors of emotions and other small actions that are difficult to describe with animations.

Example: "He smiled."

This text appears as plain text. It may appear with Spoken Words.

Spoken words

This is standard dialogue.

Example: "Hello."

This text appears as plain text. It may appear with reactions.

Example: "Hello," Jim smiled.

The conversations and cutscenes in this mod will follow a more novelesque format. Dialogue will be written as it would appear in a book whenever possible. That means surrounding dialogue with quotation marks and using correct puncuation when followed with the speaker.


"Hello, my name is Jim."

"Hello, Jim. My name is <CharName>."

Green: Jim walks forward and clasps his hand in the standard greeting of the tribes.

"Good to meet you, <CharName>," says Jim, smiling.

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